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Listen up!

de Christopher Ash

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Engage exists to help you plug into your Bible. Issue 4 looks at Ecclesiastes, John, Exodus, 2 Timothy & Psalms. It also has features on self-esteem, the resurrection and the Holy Spirit.
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Though not a great book it is a good book published by "The Good Book company" I received it as gift book when I attended "Together for The Gospel 2012." It is a quick read 30 pages and as such does not go into great detail but list several key points in listing to a sermon, live, not recorded.

I humbly can write I'm doing most of get 7 suggestions but not as consistently as I should. For a mere 2.99 on Amazon I would think one couldn't go wrong, but you may want to review other reviews. ( )
  ScottKalas | Jun 10, 2013 |
Good, quick, read that clearly shows how the *congregation* should approach listening to sermons. It also includes a section at the end on what to do when you find yourself listening to different types of *bad* sermons. ( )
  jandm | Mar 22, 2013 |
A small booklet filled with important instruction on listening to sermons. Everyone who regularly attends church worship services should read this book if they want to put their time there to good use.
  BBMcIntosh | Mar 4, 2013 |
A booklet on what makes a good sermon and how to get the most out of actively listening. Each topic is followed by practical steps to take. There's also a section on how to listen to bad sermons, be they dull, biblically inadequate, or plain heretical. ( )
  eclecticdodo | Mar 23, 2012 |
Here is a much needed guide to a discipline that most church members never develop or even think they need to. It is a small 31 page guide on how to listen to sermons. Many people presuppose that all we need is to be simply there and stay awake… right? Yet the found in the Bible are numerous texts that warn us to consider carefully how we listen. The issue is that much more than we think is involved in truly listening to Bible teaching than just sitting and staring at the preacher.

Author Christopher Ash in his small booklet, Listen Up! A Practical Guide to Listening to Sermons gives some simple yet powerful insights on being a healthy listener that hears the voice of God. Also it deals with how to respond to bad sermons that are dull, or inadequate, and even heretical. Additional he provides ideas for assisting in edifying, helping, and encouraging our Bible teachers to give sermons that will spur on growth as Christians.

He further answers questions like where does the authority of a Bible teacher come from. Why is Bible teaching offensive? Why is it important to hear Bible teaching in church? How can we actually enjoy Bible teaching more? You can read this booklet in an single setting an hour. I would encourage you to get a copy and discuss it with four or five friends at your church or on your campus. ( )
  moses917 | Nov 18, 2010 |
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Engage exists to help you plug into your Bible. Issue 4 looks at Ecclesiastes, John, Exodus, 2 Timothy & Psalms. It also has features on self-esteem, the resurrection and the Holy Spirit.

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