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Have You Got My Purr? de Judy West
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Have You Got My Purr? (1999 original; edició 2001)

de Judy West (Autor)

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605630,313 (3.89)No n'hi ha cap
When Kitten can't seem to purr, she sets out to question the other animals about it.
Títol:Have You Got My Purr?
Autors:Judy West (Autor)
Informació:SCHOLASTIC INC. @ (2001)
Col·leccions:La teva biblioteca
Etiquetes:No n'hi ha cap

Informació de l'obra

Have You Got My Purr? de Judy West (1999)

No n'hi ha cap
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Kitten can meow, yowl, and hiss, but she can't purr like her mother cat. Her mother tells her to just be patient and the purrs will come, but Kitten is convinced someone else on the farm has stolen her purr. She spends all day searching out and speaking with each farm animal, learning that each has a unique sound of her or his own, but there is not a single purr to be found amongst them. At last, tired and a little downtrodden, she returns home to her mother and finds her purr once she is warm and contented resting beside her mother.

This book grew on me after my 6-year-old niece and the toddler I babysit both asked to hear it read aloud several times, but it's still not my favorite. It's a good introduction/reminder of the different farm animals and the sounds they make, although many books cover that subject already. The illustrations are fitting, but nothing particularly amazing. The kitten is a cute enough character, determined but wrongheaded, and it's nice to have a female lead in a children's book as that is rare (even when the characters are all animals). The ending, with a mother's warm embrace and a happy, purring kitten nodding off to sleep, is sweet and comforting. Indeed, the whole book with its gentle tone and limited action makes this book a good choice for a bedtime story. ( )
  sweetiegherkin | Apr 4, 2017 |
A kitten is sad because it appears she lost her purr. She is willing to go out and find it so she goes and ask each of the farm animals. The animals each make the noise they make and the cat goes to each and every animal asking if they have her purr. Finally, Owl tells her to go see her mother and she will help you find the our. She rushes over there and mama cat tells her to get a purr you have to be happy. The kitty finds her purr.
I would read this book to k-1. Its just a really simple book that goes over animal sounds and I think for Kindergarten or first grade it would be a lovely book. The text is large and the pictures are full of color. ( )
  Phallan | Feb 1, 2017 |
A kitten lost her purr and goes to different animals asking if they have found it.
1 book
  TUCC | Jan 11, 2017 |
Have You Got My Purr is a story about a kitten who is looking for her "purr". She goes all around the farm asking the animals if they have her purr which they say they do not until finally the owl tells the kitten that she should ask her mom. The kitten's mom told her daughter that no one had her purr but her.
The story was cute and well written. I enjoyed the whole thing from start to finish. The ending was predictable if you know anything about animals as only a cat can purr. The pictures were also well done and I enjoyed looking at them, especially the night-time pictures. ( )
  Remy_Ferrell | Sep 24, 2014 |
What a wonderful book to own for my personal collection! I am happy I purchased it. I believe that it will serve as a awesome tool for literacy. It teaches many different things all in one cute book such as, animal sounds, comprehension, and prediction (animals which come next appear on previous page). Also, the illustrations, by Tim Warnes, are colorful and very attractive to look at and the book more appealing. ( )
  klledet | Sep 6, 2012 |
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Judy Westautor primaritotes les edicionscalculat
Warnes, TimIl·lustradorautor secundaritotes les edicionsconfirmat
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For Sarah and Benjamin - J.W. For George - T.W.
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Kitten was sad.
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No n'hi ha cap

When Kitten can't seem to purr, she sets out to question the other animals about it.

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