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Rough Magicks

de Kenneth Hite

Sèrie: Trail of Cthulhu (09 - Magic Sourcebook)

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Interesting collection of articles from Kenneth Hite considering magic in the context of the Cthulhu Mythos.

Given the Trail of Cthulhu mechanics around point pools and resource management, Hite suggests the key change of making Magic a separate General Ability - freeing up Stability and Sanity to some extent. While both can still suffer and deplete in the research and casting of spells, Magic serves as a default 'fuel'.

The other articles consider the wider context of spells - such as the common spells used by lesser independent races (and their Magic pools), traditional Mythos sorcerer abilities, deeper consideration of Idiosyncratic Magic (mentioned in the corebook as part of the Bookhounds story frame as Improvised Magic), and different perspectives on what magic might be and how it relates to the Mythos.

An interesting and diverse read that offers many ideas a Keeper can choose to add to her game or ignore completely. ( )
  PaulBaldowski | Jan 24, 2015 |
The material in this short supplement should probably, in my opinion, have been included in the core rulebook. Magic, occult rituals and spells are so commin in the lovecraftian gaming tradition (especially the more pulpy ones) that nobody would have raised their eyebrows if optional rules for magic had been included.

That said, I'm sute Pelgrane had their reasons, and I really like this supplent, so I'm gonna let it slide. I'm a big fan of this pamphlet-style publication: it's short and sweet and to the point, and I'm very happy they didn't pad the text at stapled on a half-assed scenario to ramp up the page count and price. The writing is efficient, the rules workable, adjustable and fun, without any unneccesary complications. Again, this is a grewat example of game design as it should be.

The few pages on idiosyncratic magic is probably one of my favourite concepts of any horror/occult game ever. That there weren't more of them are my only real gripe with this book. The material you do get is highly concentrated, but the ideas contained are enough to build a campaign, or maybe several campaigns, around.

All in all a great book. Not absolutely essential, but contains a lot of nice material to flesh out your game, even if you don't use the additional rules. ( )
  Jannes | Jun 13, 2012 |
Es mostren totes 2
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Trail of Cthulhu (09 - Magic Sourcebook)
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