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The Underwater Alphabet Book (Jerry Pallotta's Alphabet Books)

de Jerry Pallotta

Altres autors: Edgar Stewart (Il·lustrador)

Sèrie: Jerry Pallotta's Alphabet Books

MembresRessenyesPopularitatValoració mitjanaMencions
858919,222 (3.94)1
Introduces the letters A to Z by describing fish and other creatures living in the coral reef.
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Jerry Pallotta is an author of wonderful children's alphabet books. They are fun and also have cool facts and colorful, realistic illustrations. My son enjoyed this book a lot and was proud of being able to pronounce the entry for the letter "h". Yes, of course it is Humu humu nuku nuku apua'a! :) Educational and enjoyable to share with your kids! ( )
  Grandma_B | Apr 6, 2018 |
I really liked "The Underwater Alphabet Book" because I thought it was a great way for readers to learn the alphabet as well as learn about underwater animals. The book is filled with interesting facts about underwater animals ranging from Eagle Rays to Four-eyed butterfly fish to Xanthidae. What's great about this book is it really specifies each species of fish. Pallotta could've easily used photographs to include in this book but instead, he got Edgar Stewart to illustrate amazing pictures. The images are very detailed and lifelike that it almost looks like a photograph. It's an easy read and remains consistently organized. There are a lot of interesting facts but the amount of facts are not overwhelming. You don't even have to be a child learning the alphabet, if you want to know more about the different species in the ocean, then this book is the perfect choice. ( )
  blim3 | Sep 28, 2015 |
I remember when I first came upon this author and it was since of my elementary school. We had an assembly where the author was invited and ever since he told me there was a Julia butterfly I have been hooked with him.

The book writing is simple, large letters and easy for any child to read, especially with very young beginners. The author uses each entry to describe some fun facts for the children

The other thing that will catch the reader's attention is the beautiful detailed artwork and the interactive reading style although it isn't as much as some of the other books. Instead the author does comments that are simple to understand while setting morals in the book.

The whole time that you are learning from this book you are having too much fun to know that you are doing any learning at all. And within a few pages are a great white shark swimming around and even though he doesn't have a letter you get to learn about him before the surprise at the end.

Definitely a literary gem! ( )
  flamingrosedrakon | Aug 26, 2015 |
An alphabetical underwater book-- paintings.
  haldemac | Feb 11, 2012 |
This book uses different sea creatures for each letter of the alphabet. Each letter describes, in detail, a specific creature that begins with that letter. Colorful book for reading to classroom of K-3.
* To be used K-3 as a read along and educational book. Students can use for science activities with different sea creatures. ( )
  dennislankau | Oct 15, 2011 |
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Nom de l'autorCàrrecTipus d'autorObra?Estat
Jerry Pallottaautor primaritotes les edicionscalculat
Stewart, EdgarIl·lustradorautor secundaritotes les edicionsconfirmat

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Jerry says thank you to Paul and Marie Harrigan.

Also, thank you to H.J. Walker, Jr. of Scripps Institution of Oceanography.
To Annie Stewart for her love and her help with all the fish.
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If you look underwater on any of the coral reefs of the world, you will see an incredibly beautiful place.
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Introduces the letters A to Z by describing fish and other creatures living in the coral reef.

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