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A Good Knight de Sharon Maria Bidwell
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A Good Knight

de Sharon Maria Bidwell

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821,754,477 (3.6)No n'hi ha cap
Títol:A Good Knight
Autors:Sharon Maria Bidwell
Col·leccions:La teva biblioteca
Etiquetes:gay, gblt, erotic, romance, m/m, history rewritten, humour

Detalls de l'obra

A Good Knight de Sharon Maria Bidwell

No n'hi ha cap
S'està carregant…

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Es mostren totes 2
This is quite an intense story about Licinius (a "bonded knave") and Crassius (one of his customers, a rich knight). While the setting is historical, this is almost irrelevant because the focus is on the characters, specificaly on Licinius's awakening understanding of his own desire to submit.

I really liked the intensity of Licinius's feelings as he struggles with his need to have someone see him for more than a servant. Knowing this is something he can never have, he still longs for Crassius and is shocked with the level of excitement he experiences when Crassius introduces him to pleasure beyond what he has ever experienced.

Very nicely done for such a comparatively short story. ( )
  SerenaYates | Oct 19, 2017 |
I know that, speaking of vampires, best friends or fantasy lords, a book by Sharon Maria Bidwell never disappoint me. And so enjoy a perfect medieval breeches rippers romp! As usual, I have to classify this as a fantasy, since in real medieval time there were nothing comparable to the figure of the adamite-knave, the male prostitute impersonated by sweet Licinius. But the author is up-front with that, and in a preface of the novella she explains, more or less, that this is a work of love, the love she has for ancient things and for men loving men. So yes, in reality, Licinius and Crassius were not allowed not only to love each other, but probably neither to live. Above all, Crassius would not be a favourite knight of the king.

But this is fantasy, and this is a romance, and so it begins. Licinius is under contract halter as a prostitute. Until he works under the “law” he is not allowed to choose his customers, but he is at least allowed to live. He has to work other 4 years at least to pay his contract, and he is not thinking to the future (probably since he has few hopes to see that future). Licinius is not so unhappy with his works, but he still dreams of a knight in shining armour that will come for him. Better, more than shining armours he is hoping for clean skin and hair, and maybe a gentle touch. Again he is not thinking to the future, what will happen the morning after if that knight arrives, Licinius learned long ago to live for the moment.

And so when Crassius enters Licinius’ tent, the sweet guy thinks that maybe fate is kindly with him, granting the knight he wished for. And when Crassius states that “your pleasure is my pleasure” and go on with teaching Licinius a lessons or two on the art of pleasure that not even a male prostitute knows, for once Licinius is not forced to lie back and think of his country, but can really enjoy the experience.

This is obviously a romance, and such as, we will have our happy ending, another concession made thanks to the fantasy nature of this historical tale. But even if a romance, I quite liked the glimpse of reality of the story and also the sparks of wit I saw in Licinius. For example, when he thinks to his “job”, obviously he can’t say he loves it, but after all, he also thinks that it’s the only way to have any type of sex relationship, only as a whore he is allowed to share his bed with another man. Licinius doesn’t like to be a prostitute, but he likes sex. For being only a novella, A Good Knight is for sure well above the average.
  elisa.rolle | Feb 12, 2010 |
Es mostren totes 2
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