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Once Upon a Summer, Seasons of the Heart…
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Once Upon a Summer, Seasons of the Heart Series, Book 1 (1981 original; edició 1981)

de Janette Oke

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1,090813,860 (3.67)10
An orphaned boy finds his security in God after his aunt, who has raised him, marries and moves away.
Títol:Once Upon a Summer, Seasons of the Heart Series, Book 1
Autors:Janette Oke
Col·leccions:La teva biblioteca

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Once Upon a Summer de Janette Oke (1981)

No n'hi ha cap
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I have loved Janette Oke’s books since I was young girl when I read her Love Comes Softly book (I never managed to get to the second and subsequent books until many years later). All of Janette Oke’s books are written with the utmost care and love. The characters in her books are lovingly developed and nurtured into life. Her books lack superficiality and are a delight to read. Once Upon a Summer is no different. Josh, the main character of the book, is realistic in his understanding of the reality of life and how people grow-up, move away and develop their own lives. This was a lesson he had to learn with respect to his Aunt Lou becoming involved with someone and all that that meant for him and the rest of his family. The process he went through to get to a place where he was able to understand what was happening was described and approached with great love, consideration and care. I wasn’t disappointed at all with this book and found it a pleasure to read. It was a real feel good read.

Overall I enjoyed this book like I have for all the other books that I have read of hers. I gave it 4 stars.

( )
  zarasecker18 | Aug 22, 2018 |
I was delighted to find this free for my Kindle, as I remembered enjoying it many years ago when I first read it. The story is told by the young teenage Josh who was orphaned at a young age, and lives on a farm with his grandfather, great-uncle, and Aunt Lou. Lou is only a few years older than he is, but runs the kitchen and household effectively, while Josh combines a zest for life with a great deal of hard work, both at school and on the farm where he has a lot of daily chores.

The arrival of Josh's great-grandfather shakes things up a bit, as does his grandfather's determination to find a suitable young man for Lou.

The book is a well-drawn picture of life in a bygone era in the US, with a surprising amount of human interest. I found tears welling up more than once as I read. There's some rather overt Christian content at the end which might irritate some readers, but it's not over-the-top, and in the context of the story is relevant and believable.

All in all, I enjoyed it. Suitable for teens or older children as well as adults. ( )
  SueinCyprus | Jan 26, 2016 |
This is a lovely and beautiful tale as told by an orphaned boy, Josh, who is being raised by his Grandpa, Uncle, and his young aunt, Louisa. It is a farm family and as the boy tells about his chores, his fishing hole, and his thoughts about life around him, even thoughts about God, the tension of the tale grows. Then his great grandpa, having lost his wife joins them. Josh is ashamed of his prayer that gramps wouldn't come and disrupt things when Gramps arrives and befriends Josh, even helping with his chores. But his greatest fear is that someone will come and take away Louise, who is of marriageable age. Then when Gramps gives him a dog and he felt like heaven had come and the next day the dog was accidentally killed by a horse, Josh gives up on God and decides to hate or at least ignore Him. The older men think Louisa should get married and are trying to find suitable men ahead of time, but it isn't working well. Then a new young preacher comes to town. Louise and Nat like each other from the first, but gossip stains the preacher's reputation. A range fire after a hot summer calls for quick work in fighting it and even threatens to take their farm to save the rest, but the preacher comes and gives a good suggestion that saves almost all of the farms. He works right along with all the rest to bring a successful conclusion to the matter, and as a result, he is allowed to court Louisa.
This Christian story is a delight to read and tears at ones heart as a boy comes to believe and trust in God. It is well written and the characterizations of the people are right on target. ( )
  lopemopay | Nov 29, 2015 |
Enjoyable book following the life of Josh, his aunt, grandpa, and other family members. I liked keeping up with what Josh was doing and how he was feeling throughout the story. I look forward to reading more books in this series. ( )
  kim.jacobs | Jul 14, 2014 |
A story of a young boy who lost both of his parents, raised by his grandfather, great uncle and aunt. The young man learns to cope with life on a farm, loss of loved ones, and learning the true meaning of what God has in store for us and why things turn out the way they do. ( )
  wndy2011 | Apr 6, 2014 |
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An orphaned boy finds his security in God after his aunt, who has raised him, marries and moves away.

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