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An Honest Love (Hearts of Middlefield…
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An Honest Love (Hearts of Middlefield Series, Book 2) (edició 2010)

de Kathleen Fuller

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Anna moves to Middlefield, Ohio to mend her broken heart. She protects herself from further betrayal by focusing on the new gift shop she and her mother bought, until she begins falling for Lukas. Will their future be destroyed if she tells him the truth of her past?
Títol:An Honest Love (Hearts of Middlefield Series, Book 2)
Autors:Kathleen Fuller
Informació:Thomas Nelson (2010), Edition: Original, Paperback, 304 pages
Col·leccions:La teva biblioteca
Etiquetes:No n'hi ha cap

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An Honest Love (Hearts of Middlefield Series, Book 2) de Kathleen Fuller

No n'hi ha cap
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I love that you get two love stories for the price of one in Kathleen Fuller's books. Often times, I find myself enjoying the secondary subplot romance even more than I do the one that makes it to the back cover blurb. In An Honest Love, though, I was rooting for both couples equally. And then I got mad at one couple lol - so the field narrowed to just the one for a little while. :)

But to me, the character that made this book was Onkel Zeb. He was hilarious! Always in the background, his comments made me laugh even in the middle of some situations where I wanted to shake the aforementioned mad-at couple. (Ok, so really, I was only mad at one half of the couple. The female half. Just slightly miffed at the male half. You'll see why when you read this novel for yourself.)

An entertaining story that reminds us of the importance of forgiveness - even of ourselves - and of honesty - even when it's risky. The romance is sweet but loses none of the breathlessness, and the characters (as always) leap off the page and into your heart. ( )
  MeezCarrie | Aug 31, 2015 |
After a broken engagement and heart, Anna Esh has moved with her mother to Middlefield, Ohio and opened a gift store. There she meets Lukas Byler, who soon is helping her with repairs at the store and slowly working his way into her heart. But Anna is afraid to love and trust again and soon is keeping a secret from Lukas - a secret that could ruin their relationship. Meanwhile, Lukas's sister Elisabeth, who can be a bit scatterbrained, has started working for Gabe Miller. Her work brings her in close contact with Aaron Detweiller, who spent some time in jail before straightening out his life. The two seem complete opposites but opposites do attract - if Aaron and Elisabeth learn to follow their hearts.

"The Honest Love" by Kathleen Fuller features two sweet romances set in the Amish community. The title is an apt one as both couples - Anna/Lukas and Elisabeth/Aaron - struggle not only with being honest with each other but in their own feelings. Anna is perhaps the deepest of all the characters as she is not only struggling with the betrayal of her ex-fiancé but with serious health issues that threaten to destroy her and Lukas's future. You can't help but want to shake some sense into her as she struggles with these issues on her own. You also can't help but feel sorry for Lukas as he realizes how much Anna has been keeping from him.

As compelling as the Anna/Lukas storyline is, I also much enjoyed the Elisabeth/Aaron romance. On the surface, it is a lighter hearted storyline as Elisabeth is a fun character - impulsive, irrepressible and determined to get Aaron out of his shell. There are several funny moments in the story that make it fun to read. It is also fun to watch the romance blossom between the two. But underneath it all there are some serious moments - mostly focused on the Rumspringa. Aaron got in serious trouble during his Rumspringa and Elisabeth is helping a friend of hers who is in serious trouble because of her behavior during Rumspringa. This story shows that no one is safe from very real problems.

"An Honest Love" (the second book in the Hearts of Middlefield series) is a nicely done romance novel set in the Amish community. ( )
  drebbles | Aug 1, 2013 |
Anna has been betrayed by someone she loved. Years later in Middlefield, Ohio, another town, another state, she finds herself failing in love again and must decide how and when to reveal her past. Will Lukas accept her or push her away....They both believe in honest love.
  SABC | Apr 20, 2013 |
An Honest Love was a combination of a mystery and romance rolled up into one. I am so used to reading Amish romance that this made it nice change
There were duel stories going on here. First we find the love story of Elizabeth and Aaron. Aaron is quiet and obedient since he joined the church. He has a secret he is hiding. Elizabeth is drawn to him yet she is interested in joining her English friends. Can she learn from Aaron’s mistakes before it is too late? Then we have Anna’s story. She, her mother and her uncle have moved to Middlefield, Ohio. They are opening a shop and Lukas is delivering goods to them. He offers to help them with the wiring and other things. Thus begins the relationship between the two of them. Elizabeth has a secret though and she is afraid to tell Lukas. However this secret becomes a source of contention between them later on. This is a great story of learning to forgive and leaning on God for all of your needs. ( )
  skstiles612 | Dec 29, 2010 |
Daniel betrayed Anna, breaking their engagement and moving away, only to marry someone else a few months later. When she moves with her mother to Middlefield, Ohio she meets Lukas. A good and caring man, Lukas wants to spend more time with Anna but she is hesitant, afraid that she will be hurt again.

Elisabeth is working in her brother-in-laws blacksmith shop. Her brother has also hired Aaron. Aaron has finally joined the Amish, but he has a shady past. He spent time in prison for drug trafficing. Elisabeth is determined to break through Aaron's cold demenor.

I mostly enjoyed this book but it seemd to skip from time to time. One minute the characters are doing one thing and the next chapter something else is going on that seems to take place months from the happenings in the last chapter. ( )
  wearylibrarian | May 20, 2010 |
Es mostren 1-5 de 7 (següent | mostra-les totes)
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No n'hi ha cap

Anna moves to Middlefield, Ohio to mend her broken heart. She protects herself from further betrayal by focusing on the new gift shop she and her mother bought, until she begins falling for Lukas. Will their future be destroyed if she tells him the truth of her past?

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