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To Wish or Not to Wish (As You Wish, #3) de…
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To Wish or Not to Wish (As You Wish, #3) (edició 2010)

de Mindy Klasky

Sèrie: As You Wish (3)

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373541,917 (3.88)2
Erin Hollister's been dumped by her boyfriend, canned by her employer, and it doesn't seem that her dream of making it on Broadway will come true either. But then she's given a lantern--complete with genie!--and it looks like a little magic may be in store.
Títol:To Wish or Not to Wish (As You Wish, #3)
Autors:Mindy Klasky
Informació:Mira, Paperback
Col·leccions:La teva biblioteca
Etiquetes:No n'hi ha cap

Detalls de l'obra

Wish Upon a Star de Mindy Klasky

No n'hi ha cap
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Erin, an aspiring actress, is having a spectacularly bad day. She attends an audition but is cut before she even has a chance to do her piece, loses her catering job, and realizes that there's a distinct possibility that she might be pregnant. But it's when she confesses that last point to her boyfriend Sam that things go from bad to worse: Sam completely loses his cool, and Erin's daydreams of wedded bliss go out the window as she realizes that Sam is actually kind of a jerk, and definitely not the person with whom she wants to spend the rest of her life. Erin is at a crossroads and must decide what to do next. Fortunately, a certain pushy, gender-bending genie is about to find hir way into Erin's life...

Of the three books in this series, this is probably my least favorite, but only because I relate less to Erin than I did to Kira or Becca. It still has the same elements that made the other books good: decent plot, good pacing, interesting secondary characters. There were spots where it felt like it was rehashing the other two books a little bit (after all, Kira and Becca both had scummy ex-boyfriends and financial woes at the beginning of their stories, too). Still, readers who enjoyed the first two books will probably enjoy this one, as well. ( )
  foggidawn | Apr 10, 2014 |
Erin needs a break, not only in her career, but from her jerk of a boyfriend. Finding a genie in a tarnished lamp gives her four wishes, but Teel, the gender bending genie, is pushy and Erin doesn't know what she wants exactly. Her sister, Amy, is happy to tell her but The Plan doesn't seem to be going well. When Erin meets Timothy, it's in danger of falling apart all together.Erin's not the most sympathetic of characters, she is a little too self centered and shallow. Her first two wishes didn't just give her a boost, they was a great big push to give her much better singing and dancing skills so it annoyed me when she whined about not getting the lead - even though it wasn't something she actually earnt in the first place. Neither could I buy her attraction to Teel, if he only appeared as Dr Teel did (even with a change of costume), then yes - but by then he had already shown up in a variety of guises, including as a female. I don't think the story needed the added romantic complication. I liked that Teel had a story though, even if it was vague, of his own. Erin's attraction to Timothy made much more sense, even with the push pull going on. Timothy is a quiet hero, the Garden Variety gives him nobility and warmth, and Klasky shares enough of his background to create a well rounded character. I never really figured out why he was attracted to Erin though.Even though Erin is not the most likeable heroine, the story has charm.There are some amusing, snarky moments and it's not as predictable as I expected . The pacing is just right, the writing good, so it is a quick read. In all, To Wish or Not To Wish is a cute book I'd recommend for light paranormal romance fans. ( )
  shelleyraec | May 9, 2011 |
Erin Hollister is waiting for her big break on Broadway but all she seems to have is bad luck – bad luck that comes in threes. Her luck seems to change when she is given a lantern that comes with a Genie, who is granting her not three but four wishes. Erin has to decide how to use her luck wisely, but she might just discover that she doesn't need a Genie to be lucky.

“To Wish or Not to Wish” is a delightful book that is part romance/part fantasy. I've not read the other books in Mindy Klasky’s “As You Wish” series, but this book is a stand-alone book that I not only enjoyed, but makes me want to read the other books in the series. Klasky has created several memorable characters starting with Erin. Not only is she trying to become a successful actress, but she's trying to gain some control in her life and her trying to adhere to her sister Amy's “Master Plan” are some of the funniest (and at times poignant) parts of the book. My favorite part of her character was her “I wish I could invent lines” - Klasky uses just enough of them to show several facets of Erin’s character. Timothy Brennan is one of the most likable romantic interests I’ve come across in a book (where are the Timothy's in real life?). Compassionate, not only with people, but in his unusual restaurant, Garden Variety. I wasn't quite sure how Klasky would write the Genie Teel, but to my delight he was not the stereotypical Genie. He was a lot of fun, yet also compassionate at times. The city of New York is also a major character in this book and Klasky brings it to life, especially the acting parts of it again. I wondered how Klasky would treat “The Glass Menagerie” as a musical (seriously), but she does a wonderful job of it (and delightfully skewers reality TV stars in the process). The fantasy elements are well done. As for Erin's wishes - they weren't what I was expecting but they were perfect for Erin.

“To Wish or Not to Wish” is a charming fantasy/romance novel. ( )
  drebbles | Nov 9, 2010 |
Es mostren totes 3
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No n'hi ha cap

Erin Hollister's been dumped by her boyfriend, canned by her employer, and it doesn't seem that her dream of making it on Broadway will come true either. But then she's given a lantern--complete with genie!--and it looks like a little magic may be in store.

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