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A Bad Day for Pretty: A Crime Novel de…
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A Bad Day for Pretty: A Crime Novel (edició 2010)

de Sophie Littlefield

Sèrie: Stella Hardesty (2)

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15126143,837 (3.54)21
When a woman's body is unearthed at the demolition derby track, Stella Hardesty, avenger of wronged women, and her former client Chrissy Shaw start snooping around their Missouri town in an effort to prove that gentle Neb Donovan cannot be the woman's murderer.
Títol:A Bad Day for Pretty: A Crime Novel
Autors:Sophie Littlefield
Informació:Minotaur Books (2010), Edition: 1, Hardcover, 304 pages
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A Bad Day for Pretty de Sophie Littlefield

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Stella Hardesty, avenger of wronged women, is getting cozy with Sheriff “Goat” Jones when a tornado blows none other than Goat’s scheming ex-wife, Brandy, through the front door. Adding to the chaos, the tornado destroys the snack shack at the demolition derby track and unearthing a woman’s body. The main suspect for the dumping is Neb Donovan. Stella promises his frantic wife she’ll look into helping him. Former client Chrissy Shaw helps with snooping around as Stella must negotiate with the unpredictable Brandy and the dangerously alluring sheriff.

This story was more about the characters and their wacky lives, than the murder. But Stella, her friends and acquaintances are somewhat amusing as they date and investigate. This was a lightly entertaining book. ( )
  gaylebutz | Oct 19, 2019 |
Stella looks like and usually acts like your run of the mill grandma. But she has a secret that is protected not just by her, but also by the women she helps. Stella spent years in an abusive marriage and busted out of it in the most literal sense. Now she dedicates her life to busting other women out of abusive relationships.

A Bad Day for Pretty by Sophie Littlefield held my attention like no other mystery novel. Not only did I want to learn the conclusion of the murder mystery, but I also wanted to know more about Stella. I wish we all had a Stella in our lives and not just because she kicks ass. I want to share a beer with her.

I give this book a big thumbs up! It was fun, smart and a quick read.

Disclosure: I received this book though the publisher.
  roniweb | May 30, 2019 |
Just when Stella Hardesty, avenging angel and advocate for downtrodden women, gets Sheriff Goat Jones where she wants him, someone always interrupts them. I'm already deeply in love with Stella and have similar hots for the sheriff, but now it's just gone into plain overdrive. In the third book of the series, When Stella turns down stuck-up Priss Porter's hush money and refuses to submit to blackmail, things get a bit sticky. A great and rollicking read, which includes all those near misses with Stella and Goat (and the fact that he's irritated with her for interfering in an investigation), a gaggle of gigolos and a new suitor for Stella's favors. I loved this book and can't wait to read the next one. ( )
  PKDuffy | Jan 19, 2018 |
This is a difficult book for me to review! A Bad Day for Pretty by Sophie Littlefield is full of humor many times I laughed out loud while reading it. But the use of foul language makes me shy away from reading anymore of the author’s books. I am not used to it. I admit that I grew up in a rather sheltered childhood but my objection to this language is that the book would have not suffered without the language. I am trying to decide whether it is just in character for Stella Hardesty and most of the characters to speak that way. She is after all a woman who takes the law in her own hands. That surprised me too. She draws a line at killing someone unless it is in self-defense but she is open to breaking and entering and pretending to be what she is not. She has ideals and sweet to children and dogs and does says some endearing things something.

There is a mystery and I did not guess the murderer until the answer came out in the book so that is good. I really did appreciate the references to how terrible tornadoes can be because I grew up in a state where spring was always tornado season. I think I preferred Sheriff Goat to Stella! The part that I enjoyed most in this book was a demonstration of how “cute” can be overdone.

“As Stella sat herself down, setting her notebook and pen on the table, she noted that little had changed in the kitchen since her last visit: a wallpaper border of teapots and strawberry runners still graced the top of the red painted cabinets. A row of porcelain canisters shaped like berry baskets lined the countertops. The theme played out on the red teapot on the stove, the tea towels hung on hooks, the tiles on the backsplash, and the ruffly curtains in the window. Even the magnets on the fridge were shaped like pump little berried.”

I wish that the author had played down the foul language some so that I could relax and enjoy this book some more. ( )
  Carolee888 | Jan 30, 2015 |
I enjoyed the first book in the Stella Hardesty series, A Bad Day for Sorry, but I found this book to be a bit harder getting into. So much of the wit and feistiness that charmed me in that first book is missing here, and it's due to the fact that Stella does a lot of soul-searching. It's necessary introspection because many people who read the first book may not have liked the idea of Stella taking the law into her own hands to rehabilitate abusers whom the law couldn't seem to touch. As Stella works her way through lessons she learned during her childhood and on through memories of her marriage and beyond, readers really get to see the type of person she is. Like I said, this is necessary for our understanding of the character even if it does remove some of the sparkle from the story.

Chrissy Shaw, the young woman who helps Stella in her sewing machine shop, is turning into a fascinating character in her own right. Stella helped Chrissy out of an abusive relationship, and although Chrissy doesn't have much education, she's all natural-born smarts and sharp edges-- a woman to reckon with who's raising her child and working to make better lives for them both. She's also becoming increasingly important in Stella's life.

The crime is a puzzler, but with two women like Stella and Chrissy hard at work to solve it, the killer doesn't have a chance. I'm looking forward to the next book in this series, and I'm hoping there will be less introspection and more smart alecky feistiness. ( )
  cathyskye | Oct 5, 2013 |
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When a woman's body is unearthed at the demolition derby track, Stella Hardesty, avenger of wronged women, and her former client Chrissy Shaw start snooping around their Missouri town in an effort to prove that gentle Neb Donovan cannot be the woman's murderer.

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