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The Dragon Awards, launched in 2016 in tandem with Dragon Con’s 30th anniversary, allows readers, writers, publishers, and editors a way to recognize excellence in all things Science Fiction and

mostra'n més Fantasy. These Awards are by the fans, for the fans, and are a chance to reward those who have made real contributions to SF, books, games, comics, and media. mostra'n menys
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Halcyon: A novel de Elliot AckermanAlternate History Novel2023
The Mother de B.L. BlanchardAlternate History Novel2023
The Revolutionary War: Book V of the Royal Sorceress series de Christopher G NuttallAlternate History Novel2023
Hidden Voices de Dan WillisAlternate History Novel2023
The Atlas Paradox de Olivie BlakeFantasy Novel2023
Tower of Silence de Larry CorreiaFantasy Novel2023
Into the Vortex (Vortex of Worlds Series Book 2) de Charles E. GannonFantasy Novel2023
Babel, Or, The Necessity of Violence: An Arcane History of the Oxford Translators' Revolution de R.F. KuangFantasy Novel2023
Tress of the Emerald Sea de Brandon SandersonFantasy Novel2023
The Devil Takes You Home de Gabino IglesiasHorror Novel2023
Reluctant Immortals de Gwendolyn KisteHorror Novel2023
No Gods For Drowning de Hailey PiperHorror Novel2023
The Only One Left de Riley SagerHorror Novel2023
The Pallbearers Club de Paul TremblayHorror Novel2023
The Spare Man de Mary Robinette KowalScience Fiction Novel2023
Translation State de Ann LeckieScience Fiction Novel2023
The Daughter of Doctor Moreau de Silvia Moreno-GarciaScience Fiction Novel2023
Eversion de Alastair ReynoldsScience Fiction Novel2023
Children of Memory de Adrian TchaikovskyScience Fiction Novel2023
Neom de Lavie TidharScience Fiction Novel2023
The Scratch Daughters de H.A. ClarkeYoung Adult / Middle Grade Novel2023
Bloodmarked de Tracy DeonnYoung Adult / Middle Grade Novel2023
Foul Lady Fortune de Chloe GongYoung Adult / Middle Grade Novel2023
Rust in the Root de Justina IrelandYoung Adult / Middle Grade Novel2023
Academy Arcanist (Astra Academy Book 1) de Shami StovallYoung Adult / Middle Grade Novel2023
When Women Were Dragons de Kelly BarnhillAlternate History Novel2022
The Moon and the Sun de Vonda N. McIntyreAlternate History Novel2022
1637: Dr. Gribbleflotz and the Soul of Stoner de Kerryn OffordAlternate History Novel2022
She Who Became the Sun de Shelley Parker-ChanAlternate History Novel2022
Invisible Sun de Charles StrossAlternate History Novel2022
Age of Ash de Daniel AbrahamFantasy Novel2022
Light From Uncommon Stars de Ryka AokiFantasy Novel2022
Moon Witch, Spider King de Marlon JamesFantasy Novel2022
Nettle and Bone de T. KingfisherFantasy Novel2022
Jade Legacy de Fonda LeeFantasy Novel2022
Wonder Woman Historia: The Amazons de Kelly Sue DeConnickGraphic Novel2022
Geiger Vol. 1 de Geoff JohnsGraphic Novel2022
Monstress, Volume 6: The Vow de Marjorie M. LiuGraphic Novel2022
Bitter Root Volume 3: Legacy de David F. WalkerGraphic Novel2022
Revelator de Daryl GregoryHorror Novel2022
The Final Girl Support Group de Grady HendrixHorror Novel2022
My Heart Is a Chainsaw de Stephen Graham JonesHorror Novel2022
The Death of Jane Lawrence de Caitlin StarlingHorror Novel2022
Hide de Kiersten WhiteHorror Novel2022
Halo: Divine Wind (29) de Troy DenningMedia Tie-In Novel2022
Star Wars: The High Republic: The Fallen Star de Claudia GrayMedia Tie-In Novel2022
Coda: Oblivion's Gate de David MackMedia Tie-In Novel2022
Rogue Elements de John Jackson MillerMedia Tie-In Novel2022
The Shattered Skies (The Cruel Stars #2) de John BirminghamMilitary Science Fiction or Fantasy Novel2022
Resolute de Jack CampbellMilitary Science Fiction or Fantasy Novel2022
Backyard Starship de JN ChaneyMilitary Science Fiction or Fantasy Novel2022
Against All Odds: A Military Sci-Fi Series (Grimm's War Book 1) de Jeffery H. HaskellMilitary Science Fiction or Fantasy Novel2022
Citadel de Marko KloosMilitary Science Fiction or Fantasy Novel2022
Goliath de Tochi OnyebuchiScience Fiction Novel2022
You Sexy Thing de Cat RamboScience Fiction Novel2022
The Kaiju Preservation Society de John ScalziScience Fiction Novel2022
Shards of Earth de Adrian TchaikovskyScience Fiction Novel2022
Redemptor de Jordan IfuekoYoung Adult / Middle Grade Novel2022
A Snake Falls to Earth de Darcie Little BadgerYoung Adult / Middle Grade Novel2022
Akata Woman de Nnedi OkoraforYoung Adult / Middle Grade Novel2022
Gallant de V. E. SchwabYoung Adult / Middle Grade Novel2022
Iron Widow de Xiran Jay ZhaoYoung Adult / Middle Grade Novel2022
A Master of Djinn de P. Djèlí ClarkAlternate History Novel2021
The Russian Cage de Charlaine HarrisAlternate History Novel2021
The Relentless Moon de Mary Robinette KowalAlternate History Novel2021
Daggers in Darkness (Tales from the Black Chamber Book 4) Daggers in Darkness (Treasures of Tartary Book 1) de S. M. StirlingAlternate History Novel2021
Piranesi de Susanna ClarkeFantasy Novel2021
The Once and Future Witches de Alix E. HarrowFantasy Novel2021
Rhythm of War de Brandon SandersonFantasy Novel2021
The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue de V. E. SchwabFantasy Novel2021
Dead Lies Dreaming de Charles StrossFantasy Novel2021
Pulp de Ed BrubakerGraphic Novel2021
Dracula, Motherf**ker de Alex de CampiGraphic Novel2021
The Green Lantern Vol. 2: The Day The Stars Fell de Grant MorrisonGraphic Novel2021
The Magic Fish: (A Graphic Novel) de Trung Le NguyenGraphic Novel2021
The Book Tour de Andi WatsonGraphic Novel2021
Penitent de Dan AbnettMedia Tie-In Novel2021
Shadows Rising (World of Warcraft: Shadowlands) de Madeleine RouxMedia Tie-In Novel2021
Star Wars: The High Republic: Light of the Jedi de Charles SouleMedia Tie-In Novel2021
Thrawn Ascendancy: Chaos Rising de Timothy ZahnMedia Tie-In Novel2021
Sentenced to War de JN ChaneyMilitary Science Fiction or Fantasy Novel2021
Orders of Battle de Marko KloosMilitary Science Fiction or Fantasy Novel2021
Direct Fire (Drop Trooper Book 4) de Rick PartlowMilitary Science Fiction or Fantasy Novel2021
Demon in White de Christopher RuocchioMilitary Science Fiction or Fantasy Novel2021
Fleet Elements de Walter Jon WilliamsMilitary Science Fiction or Fantasy Novel2021
Machine de Elizabeth BearScience Fiction Novel2021
Ready Player Two de Ernest ClineScience Fiction Novel2021
Attack Surface de Cory DoctorowScience Fiction Novel2021
A Desolation Called Peace de Arkady MartineScience Fiction Novel2021
Black Sun de Rebecca RoanhorseScience Fiction Novel2021
The Ministry for the Future de Kim Stanley RobinsonScience Fiction Novel2021
The Scapegracers de H.A. ClarkeYoung Adult / Middle Grade Novel2021
Elatsoe de Darcie Little BadgerYoung Adult / Middle Grade Novel2021
A Deadly Education de Naomi NovikYoung Adult / Middle Grade Novel2021
The Tinderbox: Soldier of Indira de Lou Diamond PhillipsYoung Adult / Middle Grade Novel2021
A Peculiar Peril de Jeff VanderMeerYoung Adult / Middle Grade Novel2021
The Girl with No Face de M. H. BorosonAlternate History Novel2020
Revolution (Cold War Magic novel, A) de W. L. GoodwaterAlternate History Novel2020
As Our World Ends de Jack HuntAlternate History Novel2020
Up-time Pride and Down-time Prejudice (Ring of Fire Book 7) de Mark HustonAlternate History Novel2020
A Nation Interrupted: An Alternate History Novel de Kevin McDonaldAlternate History Novel2020
Ninth House de Leigh BardugoFantasy Novel2020
Jade War de Fonda LeeFantasy Novel2020
Gods of Jade and Shadow de Silvia Moreno-GarciaFantasy Novel2020
Dead Astronauts de Jeff VanderMeerFantasy Novel2020
The Burning White de Brent WeeksFantasy Novel2020
Black Bolt Vol. 1: Hard Time de Saladin AhmedGraphic Novel2020
Batman: Universe de Brian Michael BendisGraphic Novel2020
Mister Miracle de Tom KingGraphic Novel2020
Something is Killing the Children Vol. 1 de James Tynion IVGraphic Novel2020
Dragon Hoops de Gene Luen YangGraphic Novel2020
Imaginary Friend de Stephen ChboskyHorror Novel2020
Scavenger Hunt de Michaelbrent CollingsHorror Novel2020
The Pursuit of William Abbey de Claire NorthHorror Novel2020
The Toll de Cherie PriestHorror Novel2020
The Last Best Hope de Una McCormackMedia Tie-In Novel2020
The Enterprise War de John Jackson MillerMedia Tie-In Novel2020
Resistance Reborn de Rebecca RoanhorseMedia Tie-In Novel2020
Aliens: Phalanx de Scott SiglerMedia Tie-In Novel2020
Edge of Valor: A Military Sci-Fi Thriller (Valor Book 1) de Josh HayesMilitary Science Fiction or Fantasy Novel2020
Aftershocks de Marko KloosMilitary Science Fiction or Fantasy Novel2020
Defiance: Junctionworld Book 1 de Bear RossMilitary Science Fiction or Fantasy Novel2020
Howling Dark de Christopher RuocchioMilitary Science Fiction or Fantasy Novel2020
System Failure (Epic Failure Trilogy) de Joe ZiejaMilitary Science Fiction or Fantasy Novel2020
The Testaments de Margaret AtwoodScience Fiction Novel2020
The Ten Thousand Doors of January de Alix E. HarrowScience Fiction Novel2020
Gideon the Ninth de Tamsyn MuirScience Fiction Novel2020
The Future of Another Timeline de Annalee NewitzScience Fiction Novel2020
The Rosewater Redemption de Tade ThompsonScience Fiction Novel2020
Network Effect de Martha WellsScience Fiction Novel2020
Wanderers de Chuck WendigScience Fiction Novel2020
Catfishing on CatNet: A Novel de Naomi KritzerYoung Adult / Middle Grade Novel2020
The Grace Year de Kim LiggettYoung Adult / Middle Grade Novel2020
Journey to Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Force Collector de Kevin ShinickYoung Adult / Middle Grade Novel2020
The Poison Jungle de Tui T. SutherlandYoung Adult / Middle Grade Novel2020
Cog de Greg Van EekhoutYoung Adult / Middle Grade Novel2020
The Calculating Stars de Mary Robinette KowalAlternate History Novel2019
The Iron Codex de David MackAlternate History Novel2019
Machines Like Me de Ian McEwanAlternate History Novel2019
Unholy Land de Lavie TidharAlternate History Novel2019
Lies Sleeping de Ben AaronovitchFantasy Novel2019
Foundryside de Robert Jackson BennettFantasy Novel2019
Deep Roots de Ruthanna EmrysFantasy Novel2019
The Raven Tower de Ann LeckieFantasy Novel2019
Spinning Silver de Naomi NovikFantasy Novel2019
I Am Young de M. DeanGraphic Novel2019
Hey, Kiddo de Jarrett J. KrosoczkaGraphic Novel2019
Monstress, volume 3: Haven de Marjorie M. LiuGraphic Novel2019
Berlin de Jason LutesGraphic Novel2019
On a Sunbeam de Tillie WaldenGraphic Novel2019
Zombie Airman (Infected World) de David GuentherHorror Novel2019
We Sold Our Souls de Grady HendrixHorror Novel2019
Riddance: Or: The Sybil Joines Vocational School for Ghost Speakers & Hearing-Mouth Children de Shelley JacksonHorror Novel2019
100 Fathoms Below de Steven L. KentHorror Novel2019
Cardinal Black de Robert R. McCammonHorror Novel2019
Stranger Things: Darkness on the Edge of Town de Adam ChristopherMedia Tie-In Novel2019
Master & Apprentice de Claudia GrayMedia Tie-In Novel2019
The Replicant War (Worlds at War Saga Book 1) de Chris KennedyMedia Tie-In Novel2019
Big Damn Hero de James LovegroveMedia Tie-In Novel2019
The Way to the Stars de Una McCormackMedia Tie-In Novel2019
Order of the Centurion de Jason AnspachMilitary Science Fiction or Fantasy Novel2019
Sons of the Lion (The Omega War Book 11) de Jason CordovaMilitary Science Fiction or Fantasy Novel2019
Marine de Joshua DalzelleMilitary Science Fiction or Fantasy Novel2019
The Light Brigade de Kameron HurleyMilitary Science Fiction or Fantasy Novel2019
A Pale Dawn de Chris KennedyMilitary Science Fiction or Fantasy Novel2019
Record of a Spaceborn Few de Becky ChambersScience Fiction Novel2019
Tiamat's Wrath de James S. A. CoreyScience Fiction Novel2019
Europe at Dawn de Dave HutchinsonScience Fiction Novel2019
A Memory Called Empire de Arkady MartineScience Fiction Novel2019
Red Moon de Kim Stanley RobinsonScience Fiction Novel2019
Sawkill Girls de Claire LegrandYoung Adult / Middle Grade Novel2019
Archenemies de Marissa MeyerYoung Adult / Middle Grade Novel2019
Armageddon Girls (The Juniper Wars Book 1) de Aaron Michael RitcheyYoung Adult / Middle Grade Novel2019
The Pioneer de Bridget TylerYoung Adult / Middle Grade Novel2019
Impostors de Scott WesterfeldYoung Adult / Middle Grade Novel2019
Witchy Winter de D. J. ButlerAlternate History Novel2018
Minds of Men (The Psyche of War Book 1) de Kacey EzellAlternate History Novel2018
The Dream of the Iron Dragon de Robert KroeseAlternate History Novel2018
The Sea Peoples de S. M. StirlingAlternate History Novel2018
Dark State de Charles StrossAlternate History Novel2018
Shoot the Messenger de Pippa DaCostaFantasy Novel2018
The Traitor God (The Age of Tyranny) de Cameron JohnstonFantasy Novel2018
The Land: Predators de Aleron KongFantasy Novel2018
A Tempered Warrior (The Milesian Accords Book 2) de Jon R. OsborneFantasy Novel2018
War Hammer de Shayne SilversFantasy Novel2018
Be Prepared de Vera BrosgolGraphic Novel2018
Chicago Typewriter: The Red Ribbon de Brandon FiadinoGraphic Novel2018
The Vision, Vol. 1: Little Worse Than A Man de Tom KingGraphic Novel2018
Monstress, volume 2: The Blood de Marjorie M. LiuGraphic Novel2018
Paper Girls Volume 4 de Brian K. VaughanGraphic Novel2018
Meddling Kids de Edgar CanteroHorror Novel2018
Beneath the Lighthouse de Julieanne LynchHorror Novel2018
Glimpse de Jonathan MaberryHorror Novel2018
The Cabin at the End of the World de Paul TremblayHorror Novel2018
A Time To Run (Turning Point Book 2) de Mark WandreyHorror Novel2018
Phasma de Delilah S. DawsonMedia Tie-In Novel2018
HALO: Legacy of Onyx de Matt ForbeckMedia Tie-In Novel2018
Before the Storm de Christie GoldenMedia Tie-In Novel2018
Desperate Hours de David MackMedia Tie-In Novel2018
Fear Itself de James SwallowMedia Tie-In Novel2018
Integration de Jonathan P. BrazeeMilitary Science Fiction or Fantasy Novel2018
Points of Impact de Marko KloosMilitary Science Fiction or Fantasy Novel2018
Price of Freedom de Craig MartelleMilitary Science Fiction or Fantasy Novel2018
Legend (Four Horsemen Tales Book 1) de Christopher WoodsMilitary Science Fiction or Fantasy Novel2018
Communication Failure (Epic Failure Trilogy) de Joe ZiejaMilitary Science Fiction or Fantasy Novel2018
Persepolis Rising de James S. A. CoreyScience Fiction Novel2018
It Takes Death to Reach a Star de Stu JonesScience Fiction Novel2018
The Mutineer's Daughter (In Revolution Born, #1) de Chris KennedyScience Fiction Novel2018
Sins of Her Father de Mike KupariScience Fiction Novel2018
Win de Vera NazarianScience Fiction Novel2018
Brightly Burning de Alexa DonneYoung Adult / Middle Grade Novel2018
Cold Bath Street de A. J. HartleyYoung Adult / Middle Grade Novel2018
When Tinker Met Bell de Alethea KontisYoung Adult / Middle Grade Novel2018
Warcross de Marie LuYoung Adult / Middle Grade Novel2018
A Court of Frost and Starlight de Sarah J. MaasYoung Adult / Middle Grade Novel2018
Another Girl, Another Planet de Lou AntonelliAlternate History Novel2017
Witchy Eye de D. J. ButlerAlternate History Novel2017
Breath of Earth de Beth CatoAlternate History Novel2017
No Gods, Only Daimons (The Covenant Chronicles Book 1) de Kai Wai CheahAlternate History Novel2017
1636: The Ottoman Onslaught (Ring of Fire) de Eric FlintAlternate History Novel2017
The Last Days of New Paris de China MiévilleAlternate History Novel2017
Codename: UnSub (The Last Survivors Book 2) de A Yoskowtiz Declan FinnApocalyptic Novel2017
American War de Omar El AkkadApocalyptic Novel2017
The Seventh Age: Dawn de Rick HeinzApocalyptic Novel2017
Falling (Zombie Killers Book 0) de J. F. HolmesApocalyptic Novel2017
A Place Outside The Wild de Daniel HumphreysApocalyptic Novel2017
The Obelisk Gate de N. K. Jemisin
Nomination withdrawn
Apocalyptic Novel2017
The Heartstone Thief de Pippa DaCostaFantasy Novel2017
A Sea of Skulls (Arts of Dark and Light Book 2) de Vox DayFantasy Novel2017
Wings of Justice de Michael-Scott EarleFantasy Novel2017
Blood of the Earth de Faith HunterFantasy Novel2017
Beast Master de Shayne SilversFantasy Novel2017
Dangerous Ways (The Books of Winter, #1) de R.R VirdiFantasy Novel2017
Love is Love de Marc AndreykoGraphic Novel2017
Clive Barker's Night Breed #3 de Clive BarkerGraphic Novel2017
My Favorite Thing Is Monsters de Emil FerrisGraphic Novel2017
The Second Journey of Agatha Heterodyne: Book Two: The City of Lightning de Kaja FoglioGraphic Novel2017
March: Book Three de John LewisGraphic Novel2017
A God in the Shed de J-F DubeauHorror Novel2017
Donn's Hill (The Soul Searchers Mysteries #1) de Caryn LarrinagaHorror Novel2017
The Hidden People de Alison Littlewood
Nomination withdrawn
Horror Novel2017
The Bleak December de Kevin G. SummersHorror Novel2017
Nothing Left to Lose de Dan WellsHorror Novel2017
Star Realms: Rescue Run (Star Realms Novels) de Jon Del ArrozMilitary Science Fiction or Fantasy Novel2017
The Span of Empire (Jao Empire) de Eric FlintMilitary Science Fiction or Fantasy Novel2017
Caine's Mutiny (Caine Riordan) de Charles E. GannonMilitary Science Fiction or Fantasy Novel2017
Invasion: Book I: Resistance (The Invy War 1) de J. F. HolmesMilitary Science Fiction or Fantasy Novel2017
Exiles (Allies and Enemies, #3) de Amy J. MurphyMilitary Science Fiction or Fantasy Novel2017
Starship Liberator (Galactic Liberation, #1) de David VanDykeMilitary Science Fiction or Fantasy Novel2017
Cartwright's Cavaliers de Mark WandreyMilitary Science Fiction or Fantasy Novel2017
A Closed and Common Orbit de Becky ChambersScience Fiction Novel2017
Space Tripping de Patrick M. EdwardsScience Fiction Novel2017
Rise de Brian GuthrieScience Fiction Novel2017
Death's End de Cixin LiuScience Fiction Novel2017
The Secret Kings de Brian NiemeierScience Fiction Novel2017
Escaping Infinity de Richard PaolinelliScience Fiction Novel2017
The Collapsing Empire de John ScalziScience Fiction Novel2017
It's All Fun and Games de Dave BarrettYoung Adult / Middle Grade Novel2017
Defy the Stars de Claudia GrayYoung Adult / Middle Grade Novel2017
Firebrand de A. J. HartleyYoung Adult / Middle Grade Novel2017
A Court of Wings and Ruin de Sarah J. MaasYoung Adult / Middle Grade Novel2017
Swan Knight's Son (The Green Knight's Squire #1; Moth & Cobweb #1) de John C. WrightYoung Adult / Middle Grade Novel2017
Germanica de Robert ConroyAlternate History Novel2016
1635: A Parcel of Rogues (The Ring of Fire) de Eric FlintAlternate History Novel2016
1636: The Cardinal Virtues (The Ring of Fire) de Eric FlintAlternate History Novel2016
Ghostwalkers de Jonathan MaberryAlternate History Novel2016
Bombs Away: The Hot War de Harry TurtledoveAlternate History Novel2016
Chasing Freedom de Marina FontaineApocalyptic Novel2016
Dark Age de Felix O. HartmannApocalyptic Novel2016
The Fifth Season de N. K. JemisinApocalyptic Novel2016
The Desert and the Blade de S. M. StirlingApocalyptic Novel2016
A Time To Die de Mark WandreyApocalyptic Novel2016
Asteroid Made of Dragons de G. Derek AdamsFantasy Novel2016
Blood Hound de James Osiris BaldwinFantasy Novel2016
The Aeronaut's Windlass de Jim ButcherFantasy Novel2016
Changeling's Island de Dave FreerFantasy Novel2016
The Fifth Season de N. K. JemisinFantasy Novel2016
Grave Measures (The Grave Report) (Volume 2) de R.R VirdiFantasy Novel2016
Chicago de Glenn HeadGraphic Novel2016
March: Book Two de John LewisGraphic Novel2016
Virgil de Steve OrlandoGraphic Novel2016
Sacred Heart de Liz SuburbiaGraphic Novel2016
Killing and Dying de Adrian TomineGraphic Novel2016
Honor at Stake de Declan FinnHorror Novel2016
Alice de Christina HenryHorror Novel2016
An Unattractive Vampire de Jim McDonielHorror Novel2016
Chapelwood de Cherie PriestHorror Novel2016
Disappearance at Devil's Rock de Paul TremblayHorror Novel2016
Blood In the Water de Taylor AndersonMilitary Science Fiction or Fantasy Novel2016
Wrath of an Angry God: A Military Space Opera (The Sentience Trilogy Book 3) de Michaels| GibsonMilitary Science Fiction or Fantasy Novel2016
Chains of Command de Marko KloosMilitary Science Fiction or Fantasy Novel2016
Allies and Enemies: Fallen de Amy J. MurphyMilitary Science Fiction or Fantasy Novel2016
The End of All Things de John ScalziMilitary Science Fiction or Fantasy Novel2016
The Price of Valor de Django WexlerMilitary Science Fiction or Fantasy Novel2016
The Life Engineered (World Engineered) de J-F DubeauScience Fiction Novel2016
Raising Caine de Charles E. GannonScience Fiction Novel2016
Ancillary Mercy de Ann LeckieScience Fiction Novel2016
Agent of the Imperium: A Story of the Traveller Universe de Marc MillerScience Fiction Novel2016
Aurora de Kim Stanley RobinsonScience Fiction Novel2016
Six of Crows de Leigh BardugoYoung Adult / Middle Grade Novel2016
Changeling's Island de Dave FreerYoung Adult / Middle Grade Novel2016
Steeplejack de A. J. HartleyYoung Adult / Middle Grade Novel2016
Trix and the Faerie Queen de Alethea KontisYoung Adult / Middle Grade Novel2016
Carry On de Rainbow RowellYoung Adult / Middle Grade Novel2016
Calamity de Brandon SandersonYoung Adult / Middle Grade Novel2016
Updraft de Fran WildeYoung Adult / Middle Grade Novel2016


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