Kentucky Bluegrass AwardGrades K-3

Given by Kentucky Association of School Librarians (KASL)

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How does the Kentucky Bluegrass Award program work?

Each year, a KBA committee for each grade band chooses the books for each of the five voting Nominee Lists (Preschool, K-2, 3-5, 6-8, and 9-12) mostra'n més in a year-long process. These committees are made up of volunteers and include school librarians, public librarians, and classroom teachers from across the state. Students should read books from a Nominee List before voting for their favorite title on that list. The specific voting process is determined at the individual school/library level. All the ballots are counted by an on-site coordinator (usually a teacher or librarian) and the results are transferred to an online tally sheet made available on the KASL website in March of the contest year. Votes are counted after the cutoff date (April 1st) and a winner is declared for each level during the first week of April.

The Kentucky Bluegrass Award is a program designed to encourage students to read widely from lists of current, well-reviewed literature that reflects a variety of experiences and points of view. Students are not restricted in their reading in any way in the KBA program. Schools, libraries, parents, and community organizations participating in the KBA should select books from these lists for inclusion in collections and programs that they feel are appropriate for the needs and interests of their patrons or students. These groups may provide some or all of the titles and develop local initiatives to promote the Kentucky Bluegrass Award.

Books on the Nominee Lists can be purchased as a set from several vendors or individually from bookstores, catalogs, and online sources. All titles on a current year's Nominee List have been published within the last 3 years.

Who can participate?

Students from Preschool - 12th grade can read and rate the books on the Nominee Lists.

Each Nominee List has a grade level recommendation, but students may read/vote from multiple Nominee Lists. If a student has read two books from a list, they are eligible to vote.​​

​Adults can nominate books for inclusion on the Nominee Lists, serve on KBA Committees, and encourage participation by students.​

Schools, libraries, bookstores, literacy groups, and individuals can help promote the program and help students participate in this program.

When does KBA take place?

Students can begin reading as soon as the Nominee Lists are released and submit ballots throughout the year.

​Some schools and districts incorporate KBA books into Summer Reading promotions.

All tallied votes must be submitted by April 1 of each year. Winners are announced in April.

Books for upcoming Nominee Lists can be nominated by adults through the KASL website.

New Nominee Lists are finalized in mid-February of each year.

In September, one of the winning authors is invited to come to Kentucky and speak at the KLA/KASL Joint Conference.

Why participate in KBA?

The Kentucky Bluegrass Award program promotes student reading and critical thinking.

It offers students a chance to give feedback and express their thoughts and opinions.

The KBA program is designed to provide a wide range of new reading materials to students and it should be implemented in a way that is simple and fun for students, parents, and schools.

By all means, feel free to make this program broadly inclusive!
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Tots, Grades 3-5 (332), Grades 3-8 (39), Grades 4-8 (342), Grades 6-8 (303), Grades 9-12 (276), Grades K-2 (273), Grades K-3 (351), Preschool (70)
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Winner 16

Nominee 350

The Girl Who Lost Her Smile de Karim Alrawi2002
If Nathan Were Here de Mary Bahr2002
The Night Worker de Kate Banks2002
Momma, Where Are You From? de Marie Bradby2002
Snail Trail de Ruth Brown2002
Bravo, Livingstone Mouse! de Pamela Duncan Edwards2002
The Runaway Tortilla de Eric A. Kimmel2002
One Lucky Girl de George Ella Lyon2002
Follow the Leader de Erica Silverman2002
Dear Daisy, Get Well Soon de Maggie Smith2002
Song for the Whooping Crane de Eileen Spinelli2002
Rain de Manya Stojic2002
When Abraham Talked to the Trees de Elizabeth Van Steenwyk2002
Saturday Night Jamboree de Lee Wardlaw2002
This Next New Year de Janet S. Wong2002
Sweet, Sweet Memory de Jacqueline Woodson2002
Buttons de Brock Cole2001
Red-Eyed Tree Frog de Joy Cowley2001
Don't Need Friends de Carolyn Crimi2001
Red Berry Wool de Robyn Eversole2001
When Agnes Caws de Candace Fleming2001
Little Dog Poems de Kristine O'Connell George2001
Queen Nadine de Maryann Kovalski2001
Zelda and Ivy and the Boy Next Door de Laura McGee Kvasnosky2001
A Bird or Two: A Story About Henri Matisse de Bijou Le Tord2001
Mole Music de David McPhail2001
Sweet Strawberries de Phyllis Reynolds Naylor2001
Poof! de John O'Brien2001
The Ugly Duckling de Jerry Pinkney2001
Axle Annie de Robin Pulver2001
Island Magic de Martha Bennett Stiles2001
The Little Red Hen (Makes a Pizza) de Philemon Sturges2001
Joseph Had a Little Overcoat de Simms Taback2001
Moosetache de Margie Palatini2000
A Perfect Pork Stew de Paul Brett Johnson1999
Bear's Hiccups (A Holiday House Reader, Level 2) de Marion Dane Bauer1999
Willy the Dreamer de Anthony Browne1999
The Piano Man de Debbi Chocolate1999
Lemonade sun : and other summer poems de Rebecca Kai Dotlich1999
Out of the Ocean de Debra Frasier1999
Measuring Penny de Loreen Leedy1999
A Sign de George Ella Lyon1999
Beautiful Warrior de Emily Arnold McCully1999
The Puddle de David McPhail1999
Moses Goes to a Concert de Isaac Millman1999
This Big Sky de Pat Mora1999
Raising Dragons de Jerdine Nolen1999
The Giant Carrot de Jan Peck1999
Naming the Cat de Laurence P. Pringle1999
We Played Marbles de Tres Seymour1999
Counting Crocodiles de Judy Sierra1999
Alice and Greta: A Tale of Two Witches de Steven J. Simmons1999
The Gardener de Sarah Stewart1999
Lilly's Purple Plastic Purse de Kevin Henkes1998
Jigsaw Jackson de David F. Birchman1998
Fanny's Dream de Caralyn Buehner1998
Verdi de Janell Cannon1998
Mr. Carey's Garden de Jane Cutler1998
The Great Frog Race: And Other Poems de Kristine O'Connell George1998
Coyote and the Fire Stick: A Pacific Northwest Indian Tale de Barbara Diamond Goldin1998
The Seven Silly Eaters de Mary Ann Hoberman1998
Farmers' Market de Paul Brett Johnson1998
The Wagon de Tony Johnston1998
Nugget and Darling de Barbara Joosse1998
The Leaf Men de William Joyce1998
Don't Laugh, Joe! (Picture Puffin Books) de Keiko Kasza1998
Wilma Unlimited: How Wilma Rudolph Became the World's Fastest Woman de Kathleen Krull1998
Nine for California de Sonia Levitin1998
Coming to America: The Story of Immigration de Betsy Maestro1998
The Biggest Frog in Australia de Susan L. Roth1998
Tomorrow's Alphabet de George Shannon1998
The Bunyans de Audrey Wood1998
Officer Buckle and Gloria de Peggy Rathmann1997
A Regular Flood of Mishap de Tom Birdseye1997
More Than Anything Else de Marie Bradby1997
My Brother, Ant de Betsy Byars1997
What Do Authors Do? de Eileen Christelow1997
Buz (Trophy Picture Books) de Richard Egielski1997
Flute Player, The (flautista, La) de Robin Eversole1997
The Magpies' Nest de Joanna Foster1997
Haystack de Bonnie Geisert1997
My Mama Had A Dancing Heart de Libba Gray1997
Color de Ruth Heller1997
Riddle-Icious de J. Patrick Lewis1997
Endevina com t'estimo de Sam McBratney1997
Crossing the New Bridge de Emily Arnold McCully1997
Hog-Eye de Susan Meddaugh1997
My Ol' Man de Patricia Polacco1997
The Long, Long Letter de Elizabeth Spurr1997
Tops and Bottoms de Janet Stevens1997
The Library de Sarah Stewart1997
Giving Thanks: A Native American Good Morning Message de Chief Jake Swamp1997
Across the Wide Dark Sea: The Mayflower Journey de Jean Van Leeuwen1997
A Sip Of Aesop de Jane Yolen1997
Harvey Potter's Balloon Farm de Jerdine Nolen1996
Ragsale de Artie Ann Bates1996
Smoky Night de Eve Bunting1996
Did You Hear Wind Sing Your Name?: An Oneida Song of Spring de Sandra De Coteau Orie1996
Swamp Angel de Anne Isaacs1996
Shoes Like Miss Alice's de Angela Johnson1996
Story of a Boy Named Will, The de Daniil Kharms1996
Grandfather's Lovesong de Reeve Lindbergh1996
All the Places to Love de Patricia MacLachlan1996
Until the Cows Come Home de Patricia Mills1996
How to Make an Apple Pie and See the World de Marjorie Priceman1996
This Is a Great Place for a Hot Dog Stand de Barney Saltzberg1996
Homeplace de Anne Shelby1996
Counting on Calico de Phyllis Limbacher Tildes1996
Going Home de Margaret Wild1996
Alphabestiary: Animal Poems from A to Z de Jane Yolen1996
The Cow Who Wouldn't Come Down de Paul Brett Johnson1995
Old Black Fly de Jim Aylesworth1995
Fat Chance de Lady Borton1995
Max and Felix de Larry Dane Brimner1995
Harvey Slumfenburger's Christmas Present de John Burningham1995
Archibald Frisby (Reading Rainbow Book) de Michael Chesworth1995
The Five-Dog Night de Eileen Christelow1995
Demi's Secret Garden de Demi1995
Loop the Loop de Barbara Dugan1995
In the Small, Small Pond de Denise Fleming1995
Owl's Secret de Louise Gallop1995
The King Who Tried to Fry an Egg on His Head de Ginsburg1995
Duckat de Gaelyn Gordon1995
Let Me Off This Spaceship! de Gery Greer1995
Babysitting for Benjamin de Valiska Gregory1995
Up the Tracks to Grandma's de Judith Hendershot1995
The Catspring Somersault Flying One-Handed Flip-Flop de Suann Kiser1995
Pearl Moscowitz's Last Stand de Arthur A. Levine1995
Amanda's Perfect Hair de Linda Milstein1995
The bee tree de Patricia Polacco1995
The Three Dots de Elise Primavera1995
Grandfather's Journey de Allen Say1995
Elvira de Margaret Shannon1995
The Family Reunion de Tricia Tusa1995
Never Take a Pig to Lunch and Other Poems About the Fun of Eating de Nadine Bernard Westcott1995
Pigs Aplenty, Pigs Galore! de David McPhail1994
The Fortune-Tellers de Lloyd Alexander1994
Emily de Michael Bedard1994
A River Ran Wild: An Environmental History de Lynne Cherry1994
The Story of May de Mordicai Gerstein1994
Somebody Catch My Homework de David L. Harrison1994
Kentucky Troll de Juanita Havill1994
Jake: A Labrador Puppy at Work and Play (A Sunburst Book) de Robert F. Jones1994
Talking Like the Rain: A Read-to-Me Book of Poems de X. J. Kennedy1994
Who Came Down That Road? de George Ella Lyon1994
Mirette on the High Wire de Emily Arnold McCully1994
The Rainbabies de Laura Krauss Melmed1994
A Birthday Basket for Tía de Pat Mora1994
How the Stars Fell into the Sky: A Navajo Legend de Jerrie Oughton1994
When Cats Dream de Dav Pilkey1994
Go Ask Giorgio! de Patricia Wittmann1994
Tuesday de David Wiesner1993
Traveling to Tondo: A Tale of the Nkundo of Zaire de Verna Aardema1993
Mandy de Barbara D. Booth1993
A Visit to Grandma's de Nancy Carlson1993
Bigmama's de Donald Crews1993
Abuela de Arthur Dorros1993
Fathers, Mothers, Sisters, Brothers: A Collection of Family Poems (Reading Rainbow Book) de Mary Ann Hoberman1993
My Great-Aunt Arizona de Gloria Houston1993
A Mother for Choco de Keiko Kasza1993
To Ride a Butterfly: Original Pictures, Stories, Poems, & Songs for Children de Nancy Larrick1993
A Hippopotamusn't de J. Patrick Lewis1993
Johnny Appleseed de Reeve Lindbergh1993
The Salamander Room de Anne Mazer1993
The Rag Coat de Lauren A. Mills1993
The Adventures of Isabel de Ogden Nash1993
Some Birthday! de Patricia Polacco1993
Tree of Cranes de Allen Say1993
Witch Hazel de Alice Schertle1993
Basket de George Ella Lyon1992
Wilbur's Space Machine de Lorna Balian1992
The Neighborhood Trucker de Louise Borden1992
The Wall de Eve Bunting1992
The Empty Pot de Demi1992
The Art Lesson de Tomie dePaola1992
The Birthday Moon de Lois Duncan1992
Feathers for Lunch de Lois Ehlert1992
Teammates de Peter Golenbock1992
Remember the Butterflies de Anna Grossnickle Hines1992
Aardvarks, Disembark! de Ann Jonas1992
Cecil's Story de George Ella Lyon1992
Babushka's Doll de Patricia Polacco1992
Just Plain Fancy de Patricia Polacco1992
The Buck Stops Here: The Presidents of the United States de Alice Provensen1992
Train Song de Diane Siebert1992
Chicka Chicka Boom Boom de Bill Jr. Martin1991
Princess Bee and the Royal Goodnight Story de Sandy Asher1991
The Mitten de Jan Brett1991
The Wednesday Surprise de Eve Bunting1991
Harald and the Great Stag de Donald F. Carrick1991
The Tub People de Pam Conrad1991
A Little Excitement de Marc Harshman1991
Princess Furball de Charlotte Huck1991
Color Dance de Ann Jonas1991
Listen to the Rain de Bill Martin, Jr.1991
Hershel and the Hanukkah Goblins de Eric A. Kimmel1991
Sea Swan de Kathryn Lasky1991
Come a Tide de George Ella Lyon1991
L'Autèntica història dels tres porquets! : per S. Llop : tal com se la van explicar a Jon Sciezka de Jon Scieszka1991
Heartland de Diane Siebert1991
The Talking Eggs: A Folktale from the American South de Robert D. San Souci1991
Anna's Garden Songs de Mary Q. Steele1991
In the Middle of the Puddle de Mike Thaler1991
The Warrior and the Wise Man de David Wisniewski1991
Lon Po Po: A Red-Riding Hood Story from China de Ed Young1991
The Lady with the Alligator Purse de Nadine Bernard Westcott1990
Song and Dance Man de Karen Ackerman1990
Caps, Hats, Socks, and Mittens: A Book About the Four Seasons de Louise W. Borden1990
December 24th de Denys Cazet1990
The Dog That Pitched a No-Hitter de Matt Christopher1990
The Legend of the Indian Paintbrush de Tomie dePaola1990
The Seal Mother de Mordecai Gerstein1990
Heads de Nancy Goor1990
Jessica de Kevin Henkes1990
The Pea Patch Jig de Thacher Hurd1990
James Marshall's Cinderella de Barbara Karlin1990
Johnny Appleseed de Steven Kellogg1990
A B Cedar: An Alphabet of Trees de George Ella Lyon1990
You Be Good and I'll Be Night: Jump-On-The-Bed Poems de Eve Merriam1990
One Hungry Monster de Susan Heyboer O'Keefe1990
Tyrannosaurus was a beast : dinosaur poems de Jack Prelutsky1990
Mockingbird Morning de Joanne Ryder1990
Bill and the Google-Eyed Goblins de Alice Schertle1990
Annabelle Swift, Kindergartner de Amy Schwartz1990
Paper John de David Small1990
The Show-And-Tell War: And Other Stories About Adam Joshua de Janice Lee Smith1990
Feel better, Ernest! de Gabrielle Vincent1990
Shy Charles de Rosemary Wells1990
Bravo, Minski de Arthur Yorinks1990
The Wolf's Chicken Stew de Keiko Kasza1989
No Jumping on the Bed! de Tedd Arnold1989
I'm in Charge of Celebrations de Byrd Baylor1989
Dinosaurs Divorce: A Guide for Changing Families de Laurene Krasny Brown1989
Ghost's Hour, Spook's Hour de Eve Bunting1989
The Josefina Story Quilt de Eleanor Coerr1989
The Magic School Bus Inside the Earth de Joanna Cole1989
The Amazing Voyage of Jackie Grace de Matt Faulkner1989
The Mountains of Tibet de Mordicai Gerstein1989
Fang de Barbara Shook Hazen1989
In Coal Country de Judith Hendershot1989
I Wish I Were a Butterfly de James Howe1989
Red Riding Hood de James Marshall1989
The New House de Joyce Maynard1989
Halloween ABC de Eve Merriam1989
My Grandmother's Cookie Jar de Montzalee Miller1989
Merry Christmas, Amelia Bedelia de Peggy Parish1989
Henry and Mudge: The First Book de Cynthia Rylant1989
Harry Kitten and Tucker Mouse de George Selden1989
Mufaro’s Beautiful Daughters: An African Tale de John Steptoe1989
Snuggle Piggy and the Magic Blanket de Michele Stepto1989
When I Was Nine de James Stevenson1989
Heckedy Peg de Audrey Wood1989
Bugs de Joan Richards Wright1989
Owl Moon de Jane Yolen1989
Hey, Al de Arthur Yorinks1988
My Dog and the Green Sock Mystery de David A. Adler1988
El carter joliu : o unes cartes especials de Janet Ahlberg1988
How a Book Is Made (Reading Rainbow Book) de Aliki1988
Amelia's nine lives de Lorna Balian1988
Visiting the Art Museum (Reading Rainbow) de Laurene Krasny Brown1988
The Golly Sisters Go West de Betsy Byars1988
Papa, Please Get the Moon for Me de Eric Carle1988
What Happened to Patrick's Dinosaurs? de Carol Carrick1988
The Patchwork Quilt de Valerie Flournoy1988
Hurray for Hattie Rabbit de Dick Gackenbach1988
The Village of Round and Square Houses de Ann Grifalconi1988
Jack and the Bean Tree de Gail E. Haley1988
The Adventure of Charlie and His Wheat-straw Hat: A Memorat de Berniece T. Hiser1988
A Porcupine Named Fluffy de Helen Lester1988
A regular rolling Noah de George Ella Lyon1988
The Boy and the Devil de Erica Magnus1988
Barn Dance! de Bill Jr. Martin1988
Flossie and the Fox de Patricia C. Mckissack1988
If You Give a Mouse a Cookie de Laura Joffe Numeroff1988
Ride a Purple Pelican de Jack Prelutsky1988
Where's My Monkey? de Dieter Schubert1988
Nate the Great Stalks Stupidweed de Marjorie Weinman Sharmat1988
Solomon the Rusty Nail de William Steig1988
Cherries and Cherry Pits de Vera B. Williams1988
King Bidgood’s in the Bathtub de Audrey Wood1988
The Polar Express de Chris Van Allsburg1987
Miss Nelson Has a Field Day de Harry Allard1987
Drawing Life in Motion de Jim Arnosky1987
A Garden for a Groundhog de Lorna Balian1987
The Paper Crane de Molly Bang1987
Too Many Books! de Caroline Feller Bauer1987
Mischa and His Brothers de Hans Baumann1987
Annie and the Wild Animals de Jan Brett1987
Gorilla de Anthony Browne1987
The Very Busy Spider de Eric Carle1987
Good Dog, Carl de Alexandra Day1987
Tomie dePaola's Mother Goose de Tomie dePaola1987
Sam Johnson and the Blue Ribbon Quilt de Lisa Campbell Ernst1987
Prince Sparrow de Mordicai Gerstein1987
Cat's Cradle, Owl's Eyes: a Book of String Games de Camilla Gryski1987
When Panda Came to Our House de Helen Zane Jensen1987
The Trek (Reading Rainbow Books) de Ann Jonas1987
George Shrinks de William Joyce1987
Blackberries in the Dark de Mavis Jukes1987
Talking to the Sun: An Illustrated Anthology of Poems for Young People de Kenneth Koch1987
Watch The Stars Come Out de Riki Levinson1987
The Ghost-Eye Tree de Bill Martin Jr.1987
First Snow de Emily Arnold McCully1987
Emma's Pet de David McPhail1987
Imogene's Antlers de David Small1987
The Mysteries of Harris Burdick de Chris Van Allsburg1987
I'll Always Love You de Hans Wilhelm1987
The Napping House de Audrey Wood1987
Badger's Parting Gifts de Susan Varley1986
The Cardboard Crown de Clyde Robert Bulla1986
The Silver Cow de Susan Cooper1986
Opening Night de Rachel Isadora1986
Hansel and Gretel de Rika Lesser1986
Daughter of Earth de Gerald McDermott1986
The Church Mice in Action de Graham Oakley1986
The New Kid on the Block de Jack Prelutsky1986
In a Dark, Dark Room and Other Scary Stories de Alvin Schwartz1986
Bicycle Rider de Mary Scioscia1986
The Flunking of Joshua T. Bates de Susan Shreve1986
The Story of Jumping Mouse de John Steptoe1986
Worse than Willy! de James Stevenson1986
Music, Music for Everyone de Vera B. Williams1986
Angelina ballarina de Katharine Holabird1985
Dawn de Molly Bang1985
Little Red Riding Hood (Troll's Best-Loved Classics) de Brothers Grimm1985
Dear Mr. Henshaw de Beverly Cleary1985
Cars and How They Go de Joanna Cole1985
Miss Rumphius de Barbara Cooney1985
The Legend of the Bluebonnet de Tomie dePaola1985
Arnold of the Ducks de Mordicai Gerstein1985
Singing Bee! de Jane Hart1985
The Old Banjo de Dennis Haseley1985
The Philharmonic Gets Dressed de Karla Kuskin1985
The Book of Pigericks de Arnold Lobel1985
Oak and Company de Richard Mabey1985
The Random House Book of Poetry for Children de Jack Prelutsky1985
The glorious flight : across the Channel with Louis Blériot, July 25, 1909 de Alice Provensen1985
Outside Over There de Maurice Sendak1985
The Wreck of the Zephyr de Chris Van Allsburg1985
Bear's Adventure de Brian Wildsmith1985
The Stupids Die de Harry G. Allard1983
The Friendly Beasts: An Old English Christmas Carol de Tomie dePaola1983
Ox-Cart Man de Donald Hall1983
Yellow Butter, Purple Jelly, Red Jam, Black Bread: Poems de Mary Ann Hoberman1983
Fables de Arnold Lobel1983
George and Martha Tons of Fun de James Marshall1983
Amelia Bedilia and the Baby de Peggy Parish1983
Fleet-Footed Florence de Marilyn Sachs1983
Gila Monsters Meet You at the Airport de Marjorie Weinman Sharmat1983
A Visit to William Blake's Inn: Poems for Innocent and Experienced Travelers de Nancy Willard1983


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